Join me for this experiential 2.5 hr Interactive  workshop to achieve well-being 
in your life & career
ENTRADA Gratitude Protocol Workshop
2024.  Date to be announced
Release Stress & Career Anxiety With Your Effective Gratitude Practice
Craving calm in the chaos of life and career? 

Don't let stress hold you hostage. 

Join us in this transformative workshop where we build a sustainable gratitude practice – your antidote to burnout. 

This isn't just an event, it's an experiential journey towards serenity and wellbeing. 

Together, we'll carve out restorative spaces amidst the hustle, empowering you to thrive in tranquility and reclaim control. 

Don't just survive - flourish with ease.

Create A Potent And Sustainable Practice To Cultivate Gratitude Through:
  • ​Meditation
  • Journalling
  • Qigong – Gentle Movement
  • ​Sharing in Large and Small Groups
  • Space to Pause and Slow Down
  Walk Away With:
  • Your Own ENTRADA Gratitude Protocol Workbook
  • Your Own ENTRADA Gratitude Practice Framework
  • Self-Care Practices Menu
  • ENTRADA Gratitude Meditations
  • Lasting Memories of Inner and Group Wisdom
  • Boosted Happy Neurochemicals
This is not your typical workshop on stress management or burn-out prevention.
What others say about my 
Well-Being Workshops:

  • I found it super helpful. I got clarity of what I need and felt a sense of calmness and peace. Very powerful.
  • Very nice opportunity to connect deeply with others, especially during this hard 'human connection' time. Well structured, space for honesty and trust. 
  • I thought it was well organized, i.e. the reminders and pre-reading. I liked how Rachel created a sense of community through first having us meditate and by reciting a text, then creating a safe space to share as a group and then dyads. 
  • Rachel holds the group container with skill and gives necessary space and time to allow you to access your own resources so you can confidently move forward in your life and career. 
Rachel Newton MTC CBCC MQT 
Can't wait to meet you!

Since 2011, I have been a beacon of change for tech executives yearning to break free from their soul-destroying careers and unleash the superpowers they hold within. As an authority in career wellbeing, I am committed to sharing my abundant wisdom, hard-earned experience, and practical tips that will infuse your life with ease and enjoyment.

As an Integrative Career Coach, I don't just work with clients; I embark on a journey with them using my ENTRADA Method. The ENTRADA journey is deeply personal and transformative, undertaken both individually and in groups. We delve into the depths of your authentic self, unearthing your unique gifts and strengths. Together, we illuminate the path towards meaningful work, bringing about a newfound clarity around life and career changes that are not one-size-fits-all, but tailored specifically to you.

Our voyage doesn't end with discovery. We ascend further, aligning your personal aspirations with your professional goals, creating a harmonious balance that yields tangible results. This process is not a quick fix, but a carefully crafted strategy designed to support and sustain you throughout your lifetime.
Through this integrative approach, we don't just dream - we actualize. We don't just aspire - we achieve. And we don't just work - we Work Your Dream!
I invite you to join me on this transformational journey. Let's redefine what it means to have a fulfilling career or business, together.
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